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Zac is an Oklahoma musician, singer, and songwriter who plays original songs that make you want to get out on the dance floor. In 2017 he recorded his first album at Boohatch Studios with Mike McClure titled Diary of a Madman. McClure also played on the album. In January 2019 Zac recorded at Sun Studios in Memphis, TN and began working on the first single from his second album. The song and music video for his single "When Did I Get So Old" was released in January of 2020.


During 2020 Zac started forming his band The No Name Heroes, and they released their first single under that name in 2023 they released their first radio single “Funny How Things Change” in August of 2023. The band released “71 Chevelle “ onto streaming platforms in July of 2023. The new album called Reckless will be out soon.

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